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The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SMEs workshop

During the March 14-17, Project team participated in learning coerces that were held by Mr. Frunzik Voskanyan, UNIDO Expert, Head of “The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SMEs in Armenia” Project. Some of training units were devoted to global trends in green economy, startup support systems, lessons of Armenia project and best realized practices.

One more pilot project was held
rivne led

With the assistance of the Project the reconstruction of lightening system (LED lamps installation) in the " PJSC “Rivnenska fabryka netkanyh materialiv " was held. This allowed to reduce energy consumption on lightening of enterprise in 8 times and significantly improved conditions of working places.

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GEF Secretary to the Council and the Minister visited pilot project

Mr. William Ehlers, Secretary to the Council, Coordinator – Country Relations of GEF and Mr. Semerak Ostap, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine visited the pilot project of UNIDO/GEF Project "Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food sector and other small and medium enterprises(SMEs) in Ukraine" –  bread-baking plant of Khlibprom LLC -  in the framework of GEF Extended Constituency Workshop.

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The GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) for the Eastern Europe

The GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) for the Eastern Europe has started today in Lviv. The delegations from Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine are among the ECW participants.

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About project

The necessity to improve the level of energy safety in Ukraine is defined as one of the key priorities of the state. Thus adoption of renewable energy sources as the part of the process of fuel switching from conventional fuel and energy resources is a basic element of current energy policy. At the same time, implementation of energy saving technologies and improving energy efficiency of the economy will contribute to improvement in the environment, greenhouse gases emission reduction as well as compliance with international commitments of Ukraine to prevent climate changes.

The practical evidence of such state policy in the sphere of renewable energy is the "Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine" project initiated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which implementation period expires in May 2016.

The key institution for the project implementation is the Institute of Renewable Energy of NAS of Ukraine. The public counterparts are the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.


Project Objective:

To develop a market environment for scaling up energy efficiencies and enhanced use of renewable energy (RE) technologies for fuel switching in the energy intensive manufacturing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine as a basis for promoting their competitiveness while ensuring an integrated approach for lower carbon intensity and improvement in the local environment.



The project is open for partnership. Your first step to mutual cooperation is filled questionnaire. Please, send it to us and we will contact you.

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