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Press Announcement




On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, the final conference will be held of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment Fund (GEF) Project "Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine" which has been implemented in Ukraine from 2011 to 2018.


The Project aimed to increase energy efficiency and promote the introduction of renewable energy sources in small and medium enterprises in order to raise their competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The results of the Project and the experience gained during its implementation in Ukraine will be discussed at the conference.


The conference will be attended by:

Mark Draeck, International Project Manager, UNIDO Headquarter, Vienna;

Sergey Savchuk, Head of the State Agency for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of Ukraine;

Stepan Kudrya, Chairman of the Project Steering Committee, Director of the Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

Vladislav Marushevskyy, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, GEF Focal Point;

Igor Kyrylchuk, National Coordinator of UNIDO / GEF Project.


The event will take place in the conference hall of the Hyatt Regency hotel, at: Alla Tarasova str., 5. Registration starts at 9:30.


For media accreditation, please send your data to the project assistant by e-mail to K.PASICHNYK@unido.org. Phone for information: +38 (068) 163 16 52.


Pilot Project: New equipment delivered to the plant “Progress”

On September 3, 2018, with the support of the UNIDO / GEF Project a modern refrigeration complex was delivered to the plant “Progress” (hereinafter – the Plant) that belongs to the system of the State Agency of Reserve of Ukraine.


New equipment would significantly save energy consumption in the operation of the cold-store plant and reduce the risk of ammonia emissions into the air in Kyiv.


The $192,000 grant provided by the UNIDO / GEF Project allowed the Plant to replace the compressor complex and two evaporative condensers. Expected energy saving is about 930 thousand kW or 1140 tons of CO2.

Innovations will be!

0n July 26, 2018, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine S.Kubiv introduced the concept of a pilot project to finance commercially promising innovative projects that will be implemented on the basis of the State Finance Institution for Innovations (SFII).


Now the innovators and inventors will be able to receive part of the funding for the implementation of their projects from the state. The proposed model is similar to the procedure of public-private partnership, where a part of the money is provided by the state, and part – by a private investor.


Projects will be selected through an open competition.


UNIDO and GEF in the framework of the Global Innovation Program Cleantech for start-ups and small and medium
enterprises in Ukraine will act as a partner in the implementation. The potential of Ukraine in the field of innovation is
enormous and we will be happy to help innovators and inventors in realizing their ideas.


 Road maps for energy efficient modernization of the agro-food industries

According to the information of State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the capital investments in the food industry exceed investments in the metallurgical sector. In 2017, 18.9 billion UAH were invested in the agro-food sector compared to 17.8 billion in the metallurgical sector.

Experts of the UNIDO / GEF Project in cooperation with the Austrian Energy Agency developed road maps for energy efficient
modernization of the agro-food industries of Ukraine that were presented on 25.07.18 at the conference hall of the National
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Road maps are developed for eight sub-sectors of the agro-food industry, namely: livestock production, meat processing,
canned food, sugar and beverage sub-sectors, oil-fat / vegetable sub-sector, milk and bakery. According to the Austrian Energy
Agency, the average potential energy savings of eight sub-sectors is approximately 25%.
Oleg Radiychuk, the Expert of the UNIDO / GEF Project, stressed on the scenarios of energy consumption and expected
results in this area. Additionally, he also noted the main problems of the agro-food sector in terms of energy consumption.
The National Expert on the road maps development of the UNIDO / GEF Project, Olena Tochylina outlined in detail the current
situation in energy efficiency of production in the above-mentioned eight sub-sectors and provided scenarios for energy consumption
by 2030. In addition, Ms. Tochylina presented important information on existing sources of financing and financial instruments that
could be used for energy efficiency of enterprises.
The event was attended by representatives of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, associations of
agro-food industry, business, banks and NGOs.
During the discussion, the round table participants repeatedly voiced the problem of insufficient dissemination of information on new t
echnologies in the field of energy efficiency and the possibility of obtaining financing for modernization of equipment among entrepreneurs.



About project

The necessity to improve the level of energy safety in Ukraine is defined as one of the key priorities of the state. Thus adoption of renewable energy sources as the part of the process of fuel switching from conventional fuel and energy resources is a basic element of current energy policy. At the same time, implementation of energy saving technologies and improving energy efficiency of the economy will contribute to improvement in the environment, greenhouse gases emission reduction as well as compliance with international commitments of Ukraine to prevent climate changes.

The practical evidence of such state policy in the sphere of renewable energy is the "Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine" project initiated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The key institution for the project implementation is the Institute of Renewable Energy of NAS of Ukraine. The public counterparts are the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.


Project Objective:

To develop a market environment for scaling up energy efficiencies and enhanced use of renewable energy (RE) technologies for fuel switching in the energy intensive manufacturing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine as a basis for promoting their competitiveness while ensuring an integrated approach for lower carbon intensity and improvement in the local environment.



The project is open for partnership. Your first step to mutual cooperation is filled questionnaire. Please, send it to us and we will contact you.

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