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Introduction of Energy Management System Standard in Ukrainian Industry Project Management Unit Positions


UNIDO is establishing a Project Management Unit (PMU) in Kiev for implementation of the project “Introduction of Energy Management System Standard in Ukrainian Industry”. The project aims at contributing to a sustainable transformation of industrial energy usage practices in Ukraine, by putting in place Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and the methodology of Energy Systems Optimization (ESO), along with the introduction and promotion of the Energy Management Standard ISO50001. The project is funded by the Global Environmental Facility and will be implemented over the period 2014 to 2019. The duties of the PMU will include: planning, coordinating and monitoring project implementation activities as well as reporting to UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The PMU will consist of five persons, each with a specific area of specialized expertise. The position required for the PMU and national project implementation are:

  1. National Project Coordinator:

Day-to-day management of the project implementation, regular monitoring and reporting. Planning and coordination of the PMU activities including recruitment and procurement processes, provision of effective guidance and feedback to the PMU Team and other national experts. Coordination of stakeholder engagement, in particular with regard to the Project Steering Committee, national executing partners and beneficiaries. Identification, provision and record of the co-financing for all project components. Generation of project visibility and fostering support with government and industry in Ukraine.


  1. Administrative Assistant and Translator, whose duties will include:

Project assistance related to the administration, finance and logistics to be provided to the PMU Team and the national project counterparts. Translation and interpretation services. Preparation of presentations, reports, documentation, publications, updating databases and project website. Planning and assistance in the project related national and international events, trainings and travels.


  1. Policy and Institutional Capacity Building Specialist:

Development and coordination of all aspects of the project’s work related to establishment of a policy and regulatory framework that will promote the adoption of EnMS and ESO and the uptake of a Ukrainian ISO500001 compatible energy management standard. Designing and implementation of: a national ISO50001 accreditation and certification scheme; and energy efficiency performance and monitoring and verification schemes. Support and coordination of the project’s training programme in collaboration with the Skill Development Expert. Identification and securing of training course host plants as well as pilot plants.


  1. Technical and Financial Capacity Building Specialist:

Development and coordination of all aspects of the project’s work related to design, launching, joint administration and monitoring of a financial mechanism (e.g. a revolving fund) that will continuously support the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects. Support and coordination of the project’s training programme in collaboration with the Skill Development Expert. Coordination and leading the project’s EnMS implementation and ESO piloting programme, including securing a number of companies as pilots. Designing an industry awareness campaign, establishing a network group to support peer to peer sharing of technical information and experiences. Developing EnMS and ESO case studies on the project pilot enterprises and their contained projects.


  1. EnMS and ESO Skills Development Expert:

Preparation, execution and monitoring of the project’s EnMS and ESO training programmes, ensuring that the EnMS and ESO training course are properly package structured. Ensuring all EnMS and ESO courses are detailed for both professional and eventually vocational Ukrainian course accreditation. Coordination of the training related activities within the PMU, among the national project counterparts, in particular with the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as well as with EnMS and ESO international trainers.

Qualified persons interested in the above-mentioned positions are invited to register and create their Candidate Profile at:, after which suitable candidates will be contacted.


Deadline for registration is 10 September 2014.



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