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Training for business leaders of agri-food sector

Shortlisting of decision makers (the head of SMEs, members of the board, key investors and stakeholders) for the participation in the two-day training, which is scheduled on the third week of April, is in process. 

It is planned to visit the pilot project site, implemented with the support of UNIDO-GEF, in Lvivskiy region during the training.

Please contact Mr. Pepelov Oleksandr – training program coordinator, if organizational issues will arise. Mob. Number: +38 093 471 32 25




Tender procedure for procurment of equipment announced

UNIDO procurement office announced of tender procedure for procurement and installation of biomass boiler for Ukrainian enterpris.  Deadline for application – 11, March 2016.  Detailed information about tender and procurement procedure is avlable at the UNIDO site (


cover ТМ8_web

The aim of the module is to analyze the modern technology of bakery production on the example of certain specific types of product mix to identify the most energy-intensive manufacturing operations and equipment, energy costs and the structure of the energy balance sheet and outlining ways to improve its energy efficiency by optimizing the process.

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First Ukrainian forum “Instruments for financial and technical support of SME’s”


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Training module 7: “Biogas”


Training module 7 "Biogas" by athorship of professors and lecturers of one of the leading Ukrainian universities -National university of life and environmental sciences uploaded at our site. The text is concerned with the methods and possibilities of biogas production. Much attention is given to the raw materials and microbiological processes of anaerobic digestion for waste recycling to get methane. It gives a detailed analysis of technologies and equipments for biogas production, describes methods of downloading materials in digesters and factors influencing the technological effectiveness. The cost and economical efficiency were analyzed in conditions of agricultural enterprises. Authors also describe the construction and basic work principle of biogas equipments which is used at the research laboratory of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

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