Month archive:  May 2017

Pilot project at “Firma Variatsiya” LTD

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Variatsiya Ltd. is among top manufacturers of parquet strip and parquet in Ukraine and has been boosting its exports to EU countries of final products compliant to world standards since 1998. Growing product outputs entailed increasing energy consumption. At the same time, the processing wastes amounted to almost 15% raw materials and caused waste disposal problems. The Project management took a strategic decision to modernize heat economy of the enterprise.  

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Interactive map for investors


On May 15, Mykola Kobets, an expert of the Project, took part in the meeting of renewable energy businesses, profile associations and experts chaired by the Head of SAEE Sergiy Savchuk. The meeting focused on creating a multifunctional Interactive Map of green energy projects development in Ukraine. The goal of the map is to provide potential investors and engineering companies with the data they may need at the pre-project phase of “green” projects.

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News from Vienna Energy Forum 2017


The Project provided the opportunity to the representative Ukrainian delegation to take part in the traditional Vienna Energy Forum organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. This year the Forum is focused on sustainable energy for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement 2015. See the Forum updates at its official website.

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(Українська) Інтервью 5-му каналу телебачення


One of the Project’s objectives is to promote renewable energy, disseminate information about RE technologies and advantages of their use in industry as well as in utilities sector. Recently, the Project experts together with the Director of Renewable Energy Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine who, in parallel, chairs the Steering Committee of the Project, have organized the get-acquainted excursion for the 5th TV channel journalists.









During their visit to the Institute and the Project office, the journalists enjoyed the opportunity to see solar panels and photovoltaic systems in operation, to interview the experts on the Project activities, to familiarize themselves with the development of interactive atlas of Ukraine’s renewable energy potential.



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