Сapacity building

Awareness raising and capacity building in energy intensive SMEs

Long-term structural changes in the energy sector, in general, and in renewable energy domain, in particular, may not be achieved without relevant human resources and raising public awareness. The Project will support two higher educational institutions through developing and launching the study courses on use of renewable energy sources in manufacturing, issue guidebooks and methodological materials.

Training, workshops, study tours are aimed at training and establishing business contacts between industry stakeholders, energy service providers, equipment providers, local managers, as well as are intended on disseminating the best practices to be worked out under the Project. 

The companies implementing the pilot projects will become the basis for demonstrating energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies applications, providing substantial sample solutions to the problems of renewable energy integration into corporate infrastructure, connection with external power supply grids and their efficiency evaluation.

Sector-oriented energy efficiency and renewable energy guidebooks will enable enterprise planners and experts to select technologies and equipment in a competent manner even after the project completion.

Development of the training materials adapted to Ukrainian practice requirements is ongoing, and they will be soon published. The curricula and training materials compiled by leading European universities are available at the website of The European Energy Centre.


Tailor made training materials are under development and will be avalable soon. Now you can find study programme and training materials developed by leading European universities here


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