Legal framework


Establishing legislative and regulatory framework promoting energy efficient technologies and use of renewable energy sources

National long-term energy policy of our state is defined in the Energy Strategy of Ukraine till   2030. However, primary legislation regulating energy efficiency and use of renewable energy is still of framework nature. There are no enforcement mechanisms or procedures.

The Project envisages a detailed review whether the current policy, regulatory, legislative, financial and tax environment effectively support energy efficiency of manufacturing and wide-scale use of renewable energy in agro-food and other energy intensive industries. The Project also supposes the study of international energy management and energy efficiency best practices.

Detailed recommendations will be developed and issued on strengthening the institutional framework and launching initiatives and financial mechanisms to increase energy efficiency and scale up the use of renewables in energy intensive manufacturing SMEs.

Therefore, the Project shall provide expert and consulting assistance to legislative and executive bodies in making laws and regulations relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy and facilitate harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation with the European standards and directives.

See more about legislative and regulatory acts relating to energy policy at our website.




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