Practice dissemination

Promoting energy efficiency and use of renewable energy at small and medium agro-food enterprises in Ukraine

This Project component is aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness of selected energy intensive SMEs, reducing fossil fuels consumption and energy costs, and increasing use of renewable energy sources.

The first stage of this component implementation involves benchmarking (comparative analysis) of energy efficiency at the enterprises in the eight subsectors of the agro-food sector, specifically:

  • meat and meat foods;
  • milk and diary products;
  • sugar making;
  • confectionaries;
  • vegetable oil;
  • canned food;
  • flour-milling and bakeries;
  • nonalcoholic beverages.

The analysis result will be a comparison of energy efficiencies among stakeholder enterprises as well as best foreign-based enterprises. A stakeholder enterprise will get the benchmarking report and see energy consumption efficiency of its product manufacturing process, which is of direct impact on its competitiveness. The analysis will be performed on the condition of anonymity.

The second stage of the component implementation will be development of plans to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources for each of the eight subsectors. The plans will be based on the benchmarking outcomes and will include improvement of energy performance in the subsectors through least cost and most effective measures. Required investments and payback periods will be estimated.

The third stage envisages launch of ten energy efficiency and renewable energy demonstration projects. The implementation of the projects will be focused on building a stable chain of steps to introduce energy efficiency and renewable energy actions at the agro-food enterprises. Dissemination of the lessons learned from the implementation of the projects will encourage sustainability of the agro-industrial sector in general, while monitoring of the achieved energy saving will visibly demonstrate the level of success.




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