Energy Efficiency



Low energy efficiency is among the biggest problems of the Ukrainian industry. For instance, energy intensity per GDP in Ukraine is almost three times higher than that in the EU countries. And, even taking account of the unfavorable weather conditions, our enterprises consume far more energy per unit of output. When energy was cheap, this situation was not of vital importance. The increasing of prices for energy resources is indicated on the diagrams below

Low energy efficiency causes bigger share of energy costs in the final product costs and affects competitiveness of the products. Decreasing product competitiveness is a threat for an entire enterprise.

For instance, the  price of natural gas has increased eight fold in the recent years (from US $50 to US $400 per thous. cubic meters).

The electricity rates under the second voltage class from January 2008 till April 2012 grew two fold (49.39 and 112.15 kopecks after VAT, respectively).

It is clear that so dramatic growth in the costs creates an extremely high pressure on the enterprises. However, it is worth to remind about the other side of the coin – the payback period of gas saving measures has reduced eight fold. This means that the steps with the payback period of eight years, which were not considered as potential investment targets, now demonstrate a one-year payback period. The payback periods of electricity saving measures have reduced twofold, respectively.

See below the technologies enabling to reduce dependence on energy resources and raise competitiveness of an enterprise.


Replacement of obsolete gas boilers

Boiler modernization

Condensate collection and return

Combined heat and electricity production

Utilization of heat energy releases by cooling systems

Replacement of obsolete compressors

Energy efficient lighting

Heat insulation

Launching of metering systems

Launching of energy management systems



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