Energy Management Systems

Energy Management


Energy management is the activity focused on ensuring sustainable use of fuel and energy based on receiving energy technology related information through model energy technology measurements and inspections, analysis of fuel and energy use efficiency and implementation of energy-saving measures.

 Energy management is an essential component in the structure of the company aimed at  reducing energy consumption via its effective use. Energy management is an effective tool to increase competitiveness of the company by cutting its energy costs.

Introduction of the energy management system at an enterprise is a commonplace world’s practice. So, in 2011 the International Organization for Standardization launched ISO 50001 Energy Management standard.

The standard is intended for organizations that have resolved to include energy efficiency as a component in their management systems.

The standard enables the following steps:

  • To provide assistance to a company in organizing more effective use of its existing energy-intensive assets;
  • To create transparent use of energy sources;
  • To promote introduction of state-of-the-art energy management methods and strengthen energy effective consumption management skills;
  • To provide assistance in assessment of the facilities in terms of energy efficiency and to identify priority new energy-saving technologies to launch;
  • To build the basis for increasing energy efficiency along the entire production chain;
  • To build capacity for integration with other corporate management systems such as environment protection and labor protection management systems.


ISO 50001 provides the basis that enables organizations:

  • To develop energy-saving policy;
  • To set goals and objectives for achieving energy-saving policy goals;
  • To use the data for better understanding of energy-saving issues and related decision-making;
  • To measure the results in order to increase energy efficiency;
  • To analyze efficiency of the implemented energy-saving policy;
  • To improve corporate energy management system performance on the continuous basis.

ISO 50001 compliance certification is a significant step forward on the way to energy efficient production.



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