Laws of Ukraine

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«On Energy-Saving» No. 74/94-VRdated 1 July 1994

«On Electric Power Industry» No. 575/97-VRdated 6 October 1997

«On Ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty and Energy Charter Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects» No. 89/98-VR dated 6 February 1998

«On Alternative Fuels» No. 1391-XIV dated 4 January 2000

«On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine to Promote Wind Power Industry of Ukraine» No. 1812-III dated 8 June 2000

«On Alternative Energy Sources» No. 555-IV dated 20 February 2003

«On Combined Heat and Electricity Production (Co-Generation) and Use of Waste Energy Potential» No. 2509-IV dated 5 April 2005

«On Amending the Law of Ukraine «On Energy-Saving» No. 3260-IV dated 22 December 2005

«On Amendments to Some Pieces of Legislation of Ukraine Related to the Provision of Incentives for Energy-Saving Measures» No. 760-V dated 16 March 2007

«On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Relating to Setting the «Green» Tariff» No. 601-VI dated 25 September 2008

«On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Relating to Promoting Production and Use of Biofuels» No. 1391-VI dated 21 May 2009

«On Coalbed Gas (Methane)» No. 1392-VI dated 21 May2009

«On Ratification of the Protocol on Ukraine’s Accession to the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community» No. 2787-VI dated 5 December 2010

«On Amending the Law of Ukraine «On Electric Power Industry «Relating to Guaranteeing the Country’s Commitments on Promotion of the Use of Alternative Energy Sources» No. 3486-VI dated 3 June 2011

«On amending the Tax Code of Ukraine relating to excise tax rate on chemicals that used as motor fuel components» No 5471-VI dated 06 November 2012

«On Amending the Law of Ukraine “On Electric Power Industry”» (relating to promotion of electricity generation from alternative energy sources)» No 5485-VI dated 20 November 2012

«On amending certain Laws of Ukraine to enshure competative conditions for production of electricity from alternative energy sources» № 514-VIII dated 4 червня 2015 року

«On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On akternative energy sources”regarding the assignment of heat pumps to equipment using renewable energy sources» № 1711-VIII  dated 01.11.2016

«On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Electrical Energy Industry” regarding the coefficients of the “green” tariff for electricity generated using alternative energy sources» № 1804-VIII dated 22.12.2016 

«On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Heat Supply” regarding stimulation of thermal energy production from alternative energy sources» № 1959-VIII від 21.03.2017 

«On electricity market» № 2019-VIII dated 13.04.2017 

«On Energy Efficiency Fund» № 2095-VIII dated 08.06.2017 

«On energy efficiency in buildings» № 2118-VIII dated 22.06.2017


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