Boiler house running on solid fuel for Variatsiya Ltd.

Variatsiya Ltd. is among top manufacturers of parquet strip and parquet in Ukraine and has been boosting its exports to EU countries of final products compliant to world standards since 1998. Growing product outputs entailed increasing energy consumption. At the same time, the processing wastes amounted to almost 15% raw materials and caused waste disposal problems. The Project management took a strategic decision to modernize heat economy of the enterprise.  

In the scope of the Project’s technical assistance, the enterprise commissioned an up-to-date automated boiler house running on solid fuel. Its capacity is 2.3 MW. It enables disposal of all wood processing wastes the enterprise generates. The heat capacity of the new boiler house provides the possibility to reduce by 3 times the volume of driers and to replace 120 thous. m3 of natural gas a year.   


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