Purchase and installation of biodiesel production unit for PE “Kilgan”


PE "Kilgan" is a leading farming enterprise of Lviv region. The enterprise has a significant potential for agrarian products production, rape seed growing in particular. 

Top management of the enterprise decided to install biodiesel production line to produce biodiesel for own needs in order to reduce operating expenses.

 Biodiesel production process includes feeding the rape seed to oil press, where oil is extracted from rapeseed cake, which is later used at mixed fed industry.

Then rape oil is feeded to esterifier. To get methyl ether a small amount of Pal-Mix 255 is added to rape oil.

The etherification process takes place in a reactor at the temperature 45-50°С. The result of the chemical reaction is methyl ether (biofuel).

Biodiesel production and its quality are regulated by common international standard EN 14214, as well as national standards of countries-producers. In most of European countries biodiesel fuel is produced to comply with DIN E 51606 standard.

Currently two biodiesel production lines with total capacity 1,2 tons per hour are installed at the enterprise. The owner of the enterprise has decided to expand production by installing modern line based on cavitation technology. The cavitation technology-based equipment is produced at the enterprise of "Spetsialni Tekcnologii" ("Special Technologies")  LLC (Ukraine).

For implementing new technology the owner of the enterprise made a decision to participate in UNIDO/GEF Project and under this Project has received grant funding 150000 USD total.

This new technology reduces electric power costs of 1 ton of biodisel production by 50 kW per hour, also less methanol is used due to its more precise feeding.



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