Installation of recuperation system – PJSC “Concern Khlibprom”


PJSC "Concern Khlibprom" is one of the leading producers of bakery products in Ukraine. The enterprise is constantly improving its operation and thus pays much attention to energy resources saving. Lately the enterprise has performed:

  • partial replacement of gas burners to energy efficient ones;
  • replacement of piston-type compressors to rotary-screw compressors;
  • installation of system of reactive power compensation;
  • heat insulation of steam and hot water pipes;
  • installation of recuperation system of waste gases heat energy from oven unit.

Due to implementation of this range of measures the enterprise has decreased energy consumption by 40%.

Nonetheless, part of energy saving potential has still not been fulfilled. In particular, four ovens still did not have recuperation systems. In order to continue operation improvement, PJSC "Concern Khlibprom" participated in GEF/UNIDO Project, receiving grant funds at the amount of USD 160000 to install recuperation systems for four ovens.

Recuperation system is designed for production of low-pressure steam (0,45 Bar) and hot water for technological needs. The system includes two heat-exchanging units and automation system. Automation system controls operation of recuperation systems in order to keep the internal environment of the oven permanent and to ensure that recuperation system does not influence oven operation at changeable external environment.

Production, assembling and adjustment are being performed by company "Teploenergoresurs" LLC (Ukraine).


Expected natural gas saving will be 170 thousand m3 per year. Annual financial saving will constitute USD 100000. Payback period – 1,6 year.





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