Solar heat collectors on Pavlivka brewery LTD

Pavlivka Brewery is located in the village of Pavlivka, Invanychiv district, Volyn region 

Built in 1904 on the area of 3.19 hectares and destroyed during the World War II, the plant received its second life in 1956. For over 50 years, the brewery remains the industry leader in the region. In 2002, the company was reorganized into Pavlivka Brewery LLC. Today, the company is the largest employer in Pavlivka and one of the largest taxpayers in the region.

The main production activity of the plant is the production of live beer, malt, mineral water enhanced with natural iodine and fruit drinks.

Since 1997, the plant has been the first in Ukraine enterprise manufacturing (in partnership with Czech counterparts) mineral water "Yodanka Pavlivska" enhanced with iodine – a product which role in the prevention of endemic iodine deficiency could hardly be exaggerated.

The brewery modernization project covers general modernization of the boiler equipment, including the installation of a solar thermal collector system, thermal insulation of the building envelope, modernization of the brewing facilities, washing systems, equipment for bottling and the shift from an outdated energy-intensive ammonium-based cooling system to the modern one. These steps cover replacing the old energy- and resource-intensive equipment with the new energy- and resource-saving units.        

The total cost of upgrading the plant is estimated at US $ 530,000.         

The UNIDO project funded the installation of a solar thermal collector system for preliminary heating of technological water at a cost of US $ 115,302.

As a result of the enterprise modernization with support from UNIDO/GEF, it is expected to reduce the natural gas consumption by 60,000 m3 per year, which is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 1,092 tons annually.


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