Solar collectors installation for hot water supply system of “Krymmoloko” PJSC


"Krymmoloko" PJSC is a leading producer of diary products in Crimea AR. Diary production technologies and sanitary-hygienic standards require continual washing of equipment and production facilities. This leads to significant hot water consumption and, as a result, natural gas.

It is a common knowledge that the Crimea is one of the most attractive regions of Ukraine for implementing technologies of solar energy use. Due to this fact, in 2011 the management of the enterprise decided to implement energy saving measures, one of them to be the installation of solar collectors on the flat roof of production facility to ensure hot water supply for technological use.

To implement abovementioned measures "Krymmoloko" PJSC participated in GEF/UNIDO Project and received grant funding at the amount of 300000 USD for solar collectors installation.

In the framework of measures implementation it is planned to install solar collectors produced by SOLID company (Austria), storage tanks with 100 m3 capacity, heat-exchanging units system, that exclude contamination of diary products, and also the system of automation and regulation.

This measure will enable "Krymmoloko" PJSC to cover up to 60% of hot water which is now heated by gas boilers. During summer period solar collectors will enable fully exclude water heating at gas boilers.

Solar energy use in this project will give chance to save around 140 thousand m3 of natural gas annually.




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