Installation of turbine generator with capacity 315 kW at paper producing enterprise PE “Krymbumaga”

PE "Krymbumaga" was founded in 1993.

The enterprise specializes at:

  • Production of corrugated packaging;
  • Production and packing of paper tissues;
  • Cutting for use standard size blank news, writing, printing paper supplied by cellulose and paper mills of Russia;
  • Paper bags production from craft-paper, also supplied from Russia, for packing cement, cereals, pasta.

Also enterprises was intended to start own production of corrugated carton, but as of 2011, the energy performance of the enterprise was depleted.

In the framework of enterprise reconstruction and paper and carton production improvement, management of the enterprises decided to install two steam generating units ДЕ-16-14 with steam superheaters and turbine generator with capacity 315 kW. For that purpose the enterprise participated in UNIDO/GEF Project and received grant funding for works in the amount of 300000 USD.

Implementation of this measure will make it possible to produce 2240000 kW per hour of electric energy from steam reduction (8000 working hours per year).

Net profit from the electric energy produced by turbine generators minus operational expenses and tax payment is about 336 000 USD per year.

Payback period of the investments into energy saving equipment is 2,05 years starting from the moment of commissioning of the turbine unit with its maximum utilization (8000 hours) and 5,5 years at cutting down the utilization to 3000 hours.



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