First training for trainers conducted


On October 28 and 29, Ukrainian-Polish Centre of Improvement of Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency hosted trainings for trainers on the use of solar thermal energy and biomass energy for industrial applications. 36 lecturers from 6 higher educational institutions of Ukraine took part in the training.

The training was conducted by the experts from АЕЕ – an Austrian Institute of Renewable Technologies.

Christoph Brunner got the master’s degree (MSc) in chemistry and food technology in Graz University of Technology (Austria). He headed the Department in Joanneum Research (Graz). Since 2010, he has been managing the Department of Industrial Processes and Energy Systems in AEE Intec. At the same time, he manages numerous national and international renewable energy projects such as SolarFoods, SOLAR BREW (FP 7), EINSTEIN (the project focused on the introduction of energy audit system and training of auditors) and GREENFOODS, coordinates Work Group 49 of the International Energy Agency – Solar Thermal Energy for Industrial Applications, expert in energy efficiency and intensification of processes in food and brewery industries (PE2, SOCO, EINSTEIN), member of Austrian Energy Auditor Network. Mr. Brunner has developed the green brewery concept. He was involved in the development of zero СО2 emission concept for meat processing, milk processing, car manufacturing and metal-working  industries. A member of the Work Group on Energy Audit Standardization and a UNIDO expert on energy efficiency in industry. He delivers the lectures on solar thermal energy and energy generation in Pinkafeld University.

Juergen Fluch got the master’s degree (MSc) in chemical technology at the Graz University of Technology (Austria). He was a coordinator of national and international research projects on the use of biomass in the energy industry BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH. As a coordinator, he was responsible for biomass-based power plants and biomass-based cogeneration plants. Since 2011, he has been a project manager at AEE Intec, Department of Industrial Processes and Energy Systems. Juergen Fluch is engaged in development, simulation, assessment and optimization of energy consumption and energy efficiency. His scope of competence covers heat distribution networks, power networks in industry, heat accumulation and ensuring failure-free operation of the technological processes. In the framework of EINSTEIN II and GREENFOODS international projects, and SolarFoods national project he conducted the energy audits (energy and biomass balance, systemic optimization of processes and integrating of renewable energy technologies) and was engaged in training of energy consultants. He developed the concepts of optimizing energy consumption by industrial processes with the focus on food industry. Moreover, Mr. Fluch has been developing the systems and tools of solar thermal energy integration and energy storage systems for industrial applications, including simulation and manufacturing application of the models. He has been cooperating with UNIDO as an industrial energy efficiency expert and a member of the Technical Work Group on development of sector-specific reference documents and best practices for food and brewery industry. Mr. Fluch is also a lecturer on Computerized Energy Management at Pinkafeld University.  

АЕЕ – institute of sustainable technologies – was founded in 1988 as an independent research institution. Today, this is a leading research center in solar thermal energy technology, designing of buildings with low or zero energy consumption and energy efficiency in Austria and other European countries. Besides energy-related issues, the Institute also deals with resource efficiency in water management. The key activities of the Institute is an energy efficiency and resource efficiency, development of components, systems and strategies to accelerate scaling-up of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.  AEE INTEC implements national and international technical assistance projects. As of December 2010, AEE INTEC took part in 42 European research projects being a major implementing institution in one third of them.


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